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Client Testimonials 


​"Consulting with Maya was the missing piece to my recovery from a Chronic Autoimmune Disorder. She provided me with simple and effective strategies that have made a tremendous difference in my overall health.  After just three sessions, I am the healthiest that I have been for two years since my diagnosis!   I wish that I would have consulted with her two years ago!" 

- Lisa M.

"Maya has set me on a food journey that is sustainable for my life.  She not only explains the nutritional benefits of food but also the science of why some foods are good and some foods are harmful in living with my disorder.  She takes a holistic approach to nutrition looking at food intake, activity level, medication, and personal likes and dislikes.  And she has been such an encouragement, I don’t feel like I’m going through this alone. "

- Paula S. 




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Meet Maya


I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and a certified yoga instructor with over a decade of experience in nutrition and wellness. I am not a fan of restrictive diets and calorie counting. I believe there is an optimal way of eating for everyBODY. Let's work together to help you reach your nutrition and wellness goals so you wake up every day feeling empowered, energized, and nourished! 


EatEat According to Your Genes 


Now offering Nutrigenomix - a future of personalized nutrition therapy. Nutrigenomix is a comprehensive genetic test developed by world-renowned researchers. Maya develops personalized nutrition recommendations  based on your unique genetic profile. Tests for athletic performance, personalized nutrition, and fertility now available! Contact us to get started and eat according to your genes!

Services include
Individual nutrition counseling & coaching
Family and group counseling
Nutritional genetics and food sensitivity testing
Consulting services for health care facilities and fitness studios
Corporate wellness
Workshops and presentations
Speaking engagements
Expert witness testimony
Recipes & Tips 


Visit my blog for recipe ideas, nutrition and wellness tips, and discussion of current nutrition hot topics.

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