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About Maya



Digestive wellness/food intolerances

Weight management/weight loss

Inflammation/healthy aging

General healthy eating/wellness

Healthy cooking/meal planning

Long-term care and rehabilitation 



I hold a Masters degree in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise (Virginia Tech), and I am a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, and Pilates instructor. My career in nutrition and wellness started over fifteen years ago, when I earned my BS degree in Holistic Nutrition in addition to Pilates and Sports Yoga certifications, which led to years of practicing as yoga/pilates instructor and nutrition coach in yoga studios and wellness centers.


My nutrition philosophy is based on the belief that each individual is biochemically and physiologically unique. My goal is to meet each client exactly where they are to help them define their wellness and nutrition goals and find the motivation to reach them. I am passionate about exploring health benefits of food and believe there is an optimal way of eating for each individual based on their unique needs and preferences.


I am bringing years of experience in both clinical and holistic nutrition, as well as fitness and yoga, to help my clients discover the best possible way to nourish their body, and feel healthy, energized, and happy every day, confident they are making best choices possible.


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