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New Year's Intention vs Resolution

Updated: May 13, 2020

My few sentences on THE January topic – New Year’s resolutions…

I am sure we all have read way too many articles/posts on the topic over the past couple weeks. It seems that eating better and exercising more is always among the top few resolutions on everyone's list. It is hard to resist the temptation. New Year is a blank page, your chance to do everything better and reinvent your self (again). So we grab the paper and start the list... the list of very specific "improvements". What if there was a more self-loving way to start the New Year, which would still help you reach your health and other goals, without the inevitable feeling of guilt and failure when those goals are not met? Instead of pledging to never, ever eat sugar again, or to wake up at 5 am to exercise (or whatever set of "realistic" goals you set up for yourself) - come up with the New Year’s INTENTION. You are not the problem that needs a (re)solution. Instead, think about how you want to feel every day, every moment of this year. Do you want to have more energy, feel stronger and healthier? Imagine yourself where you want to be twelve months from today. My intention for this year is to feel less muscular pain and feel calmer and more balanced. This intention is leading my actions: adjusting my workouts, avoiding pro-inflammatory foods, changing my supplement regimen, and focusing on my sleep quality. Once you have your intention figured out, start incorporating small daily changes. Talk to a dietitian, a therapist – don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Have your intention be your compass. Trust yourself. Resist the guilt and judgment. Love yourself and your beautiful body.

Happy New Year!

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